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easton press "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Collection" – Complete in Six Volumes, 1989 $775

includes: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, 
The Emerald City of Oz, Ozma of Oz & The Road to Oz

Abbott, John S.C. Lives of the Presidents of the United States of America B.B. Russell 1869 1st Edition, 7 Steel Engravings+ 45 Featured on website

Algren, Nelson The Man with the Gold Arm Doubleday 1949 1st Edition, Early Print, DJ 95 Featured on website

Angela, Grace The Zodiacal Cards & How To Use Them Angela Grace 1902 Scarce 85 Featured on website

Avedon, Richard In the American West Henry Abrams 1994 1st Edition, 4th Print, Softcover 75

Baedeker The Mediterranean Seaports & Sea Routes Baedeker 1911 Color Maps 75

Bailey, L.H. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture - Complete Set 6 Volumes Macmillan 1917 2nd Edition 150 Featured on website

Bingham, Hiram Machu Picchu, A Citadel of the Incas New Haven-Yale, Natl Geo 1930 Ex-library 200

Bloom, Harold Genius: A Mosaic of One Hundred Exemplary Creative Minds Easton Press 2002? Hard-To-Find, Sealed 85 Featured on website

Brown, Margaret Wise Goodnight Moon Harper & Bros. ~1950's 1st Ed, 2nd Issue DJ, 1st/2nd Issue Book 2250 On eBay

Bryant, William Cullen A New Library of Poetry & Song - Vol II Ford Howard & Holbert 1880's Fine Bind/Steel Engravings 25

Burton, Richard F. Book of the Thousand Nights & One Night (Arabian Nights) Burton Club London 1901 Full 15 Vol, Delhi Ed Subscription #535/1000 1000 Featured on website, also eBay

Caldwell, Erskine Tobacco Road Scribner’s Sons 1932 1st Edition, Hard-To-Find 120 Featured on website

Christie, Manson & Woods Catalogue of Important Pictures… Countess of Carnarvon Christie, Manson & Woods 1925 1st Edition, Rare 50

Condon, John F. Jafsie Tell All! Jonathan Lee Publishing 1936 1st Edition, Rare, no DJ, Lindbergh-Hauptmann 160 Featured on website

Covino, Frank The Fine Art of Portraiture, an Academic Approach Fletcher Art Services 1970 1st Ed, Signed, DJ 50

Croxall, Samuel Fables of Aesop and Other - Wood Cut 198 Illustrations Burnham 1866 Hard-To-Find 50

Dallaporta, Raphael Antipersonnel Editions Xavier Barral, Paris 2010 1st Edition, Signed 40

Deihm, CH Merchants of Our Second Century 1889 Steel Engravings of Merchants 65

Dibdin, Thomas F. Bibliomania or Book Madness Chaltor Windus 1876 150

Disney Press The Art of Pocahontas w/ Slipcase & Animation Cell Disney Press 1995 Limited Ed (5000), 4 Signatures 85

Dwight (Publisher) Dwight's Journal of Music Dwight 1858/59 Bound 45

Estes, Louise Reid, Editor Nature & Art Poems & Pictures Estes & Lauriet 1887 1st Edition 65

Evans, Walker Many Are Called Yale/Metropolitan Museum 2004 Re-Issued (1966), 1st Edition, DJ 45

Garman, R.H. (Cartoonist) Moving Picture Fair (#5 in Series) Ideal Book Builders 1907 Rare 50 Featured on website

Goldsmith, Oliver The Vicar of Wakefield Weidmanns Erben & Reich 1885 Early German Edition 225 On eBay

Harriman, W. Averell America & Russia in a Changing World Doubleday 1971 Signed, DJ 40

Harris, Louise & Norman Dyer Slim Green Little, Brown 1955 1st Edition, BCE, Scarce w/ DJ 95 Featured on website

Hearn, Lafcadio In Ghostly Japan Little, Brown 1903 1st Edition, Early Print?, Illustrated 125 Featured on website

Hearn, Lafcadio Kokoro Houghton, Mifflin 1896 1st Edition 30 Featured on website

Knight, Eric Invitation to Life Greenberg 1941 1st Edition, 1st Novel/Mystery, Scarce 85 Featured on website

Knickerbocker (Irving, Washington) A History of New York John B. Alden 1887 Cover: What a Joy There is in a Good Book 40 Featured on website

Kopp, Hermann Geschichte de Chemis (History of Chemistry) Vol I Braunschweig 1843 In German 45

L’Amour, Louis Lot of 99 Western Paperbacks Fawcett 14 Sackett 145 On eBay

Landor, Walter Savage The Works of Walter Savage Landor – 2 Volumes Edward Moxon, London 1846 Signed? 40

Langford, Nathanial Pitt Vigilante Days & Ways, Pioneers of the Rockies – 2 Vol DD Merrill 1893 Signed 195 Featured on website

Lawrence, Helen Whistling Girl Doubleday 1978 1st Edition, DJ, VHTF, Harry Benson photos 75 Featured on website

Laymon, Richard A Good, Secret Place Deadline Press 1993 3 Signed,Leather Diary, Lmt Ed:11/26 350 Featured on website

Le Carre, John The Spy Who Came in From the Cold Coward-McCann 1963 1st US Edition, 2nd Imp, DJ 45 Featured on website

Lefebvre, Dom Garspar 4 Volume Saint Andrew Daily Missal, Pocket Ed w/ Slipcase RR Donnelley & Sons 1947 1st Edition, Scarce 165

Lehrs, Ernst Man or Matter Harper 1958 2nd Ed, Signed, DJ, Anthroposophy 95

Littell, Jonathan The Kindly Ones HarperCollins 2009 1st US Edition, 1st Issue, Signed, HTF 75 Featured on website

Lorentz, H.A. The Einstein Theory of Relativity, A Concise Statement Bretano’s 1920 1st Edition, Signed Charles Robinson Smith 85 Featured on website

Love, Edmund G. Subways are for Sleeping Harcourt, Brace 1958 1st Edition, Early Print, DJ, HTF 40 Featured on website

McDonnell, Patrick The Mutts, Little Big Book Andrews McMeel 1998 1st Edition, Signed, DJ 225 Featured on website, also eBay

McMurtry, Larry Lonesome Dove Simon & Schuster 1985 1st Ed, 1st State “none” vs “done”, DJ
 130 Featured on website

Meynell, Laurence W. On the Night of the 18th Harper & Bros. 1936 1st Edition, Dust Jacket 45 Featured on website

Mills, C. Wright The Power Elite Oxford 1956 HTF, 1st Edition, DJ 50 Featured on website

Packard, Frank L. Greater Love Hath No Man George H. Doran 1913 Scarce 1st US Edition, Ill W.L. jacobs 45

Pancoast, S. M.D. Boyhood’s Perils & Manhood’s Curse, Handbook……. International Book ~1890 Reprint, Scarce 85 Featured on website

Scoville, Samuel Jr Boy Scouts in the Wilderness The Century Company 1920 1st Edition, 1st or Early Print, Scarce 360 Featured on website, also eBay

Services de Tourisme Michelin Guide du pneu Michelin Services de Tourisme Michelin 1937 In French 35

Services de Tourisme Michelin Guide du pneu Michelin Services de Tourisme Michelin 1938 In French 45

Thistlethwaite, Frank Dorset Pilgrims..Westcountry/New England/17thC Barrie & Jenkins, London 1989 1st Edition, Signed, DJ 45

Various 16 Vintage Medical/Nursing School Textbooks HC Various 1930s/40s 275 On eBay

Verne, Jules Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Easton Press 1977 Edward A. Wilson, Ill 60

Von Schuschnigg, Kurt Austrian Requiem Putnam’s Sons 1946 1st Edition, DJ, Scarce 85 On eBay

Warman, Cy The Story of the Railroad D. Appleton 1898 1st Ed, Rare, 2 Maps, 13 Ill (6 B. West Clinedinst) 65

Wentworth, Rev. E. The Ladies Repository…Literature Art & Religion Hitchcock & Walder 1872/73 12 Issues Bound, Leather 65 On eBay

Wharton, Edith Fighting France, Vol III: The War on All Fronts Series Scribner's & Sons 1917 2nd Edition? HTF Dust Jacker (as is) 65

White, E.B. Charlotte’s Web Harper & Brothers 1952 1st Edition, 1st Print (Harper Code I-B) no DJ 45 On eBay

Wiley, Rev. I. W. The Ladies Repository…Literature Art & Religion Hitchcock & Walder 1870/71 12 Issues Bound, Leather 65 On eBay

Worcester, Joseph E A Dictionary of the English Language Hickling, Swan & Brewer 1860 1st Edition of this Version 400

The Holy Bible... Old & New Testaments Case Lockwood Brainard 1871 Full Page Illustrations, Leather 60


Leonard, E. J. & Goodman, J.C. Buffalo Bill, Heroes of the Wild West Series Easton Press 1992 William I. Cody 95
Shackford, James Atkins Davy Crockett, Heroes of the Wild West Series Easton Press 1992 95
Rosa, Joseph G. Wild Bill, Heroes of the Wild West Series Easton Press 1992 James Butler Hickok 95